Guest Editor - Joe Black
8 Ball Custom Paint

Welcome to the latest edition of Spirit…

Joe Black

The Rocket is a personal favourite of mine and still the most powerful production bike ever made, so when we were asked to do the paintwork on the 10th anniversary Limited Edition, it was a fantastic honour.

The guys at Triumph were quite clear about what they wanted. Nothing too elaborate, something subtle, stylish and different.. take a look elsewhere in this edition for a glimpse of the work that goes into getting that 8 Ball grind!

I’ve always loved Triumph for its heritage and style, and the fact that it’s a marque that never stands still, as the new Tiger range demonstrates to stunning effect, if the praise of the world’s media is anything to go by.

There’s a full breakdown of the new XC, XR, XCx and XRx and the amazing press reaction to them in this edition, as well as a chat with Chassis Development Engineer David Lopez on why the time was right for an upgrade.

Plus… join a harrowing Scrambler trek through the desert to see if YOU could tame the fesh fesh, share the passion of the Hinckley Bobber and Scrambler build off teams and discover why the world’s greatest survivalist wouldn’t be without a Triumph.

Read on and ride on.

Joe Black

Bear Grylls

Born survivor

Lights, camera… action man.
Tiger XCx Lopez

Tempting Tigers

A job well done
Tiger XRx

No limits

The critic speaks

Sand stormers

Fighting the fesh fesh

My perfect job

A tour guide’s highs and lows

World of Triumph

A quick glance at what’s new
Big Picture

Big Picture

Give us your best shot

Perfect obsession

For the ride


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Back to the future

The Bonnie’s enduring appeal

Factory secrets

Build off uncovered
Rocket X

Black and white

Creating the X factor
Neale Bayly

Triple thrills

21 years of fun
Clothing Accessories

Mercury rising

How to beat the heat
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